Self Supporting Kalwall Roof's

Self supporting Kalwall roof's not only look great but provide the designer with all the advantages of Kalwall without the need for intermediate support structures.  With factory pre-engineered self supporting ridge roofs options of 20, 27, 33 and 45 degrees and end walls as an optional extra, spans of up to 4.5metres can be achieved providing a quick and straightforward solution to rooflight issues.  Please contact us for information on spans, curb thrust loads and snow loads.


Kalwall on the roof provides fantastic natural daylight into internal spaces allowing the designer to achieve a more even and balance daylight internally.  Also note we can assist on determining the most appropriate size and specification of roof panels by completing a free bespoke daylight analysis of your project.

Panel U-value's for roof application range from 1.31w/m2k to 0.28w/m2k thus allowing light transmission to range from 20% to 6% ensuring the resulting internal feel is not compromised by being too bright, over heating or suffering from unwanted glare.

As Kalwall is a translucent material with low maintenance regimes, you can confidently install Kalwall roof systems and not worry about the unpleasant "dirty" visible rooflight which can so often be the case.  What's more, as Kalwall panels are robust, we have no issue with fall through integrity thus removing an additional issue with rooflight design.

​Below we have provided some illustrations of supported Kalwall roof's completed throughout the UK.  Should you wish more information on supported Kalwall roof's or wish to discuss you own roof project in more detail please contact us on 0141 812 0196 or access more information by clicking  one of the buttons below.

Kalwall Standard Roof Details