Kalwall on the Roof:-

Kalwall applications in roof formats allows the designer to harness many of Kalwall's fundamental advantages ensure natural daylight is diffused to provide museum-quality evenly distributed light, without shadow, glare or hotspots.  The use of Kalwall on roof applications eliminates the stark contrast of light and shade produced by conventional glazing. 

All Kalwall roof systems and panels ensure maximum thermal performance as you have come to expect from Kalwall with performance ranging from 1.31w/m2k - 0.28w/m2k with the added benefit of having flexibility when it comes to light transmission within the space below.

Kalwall panels are robust and facesheets shatterproof thus allowing the peace of mind that the roof's can support the weight of a man and can be walked on for routine maintenance(*).

Read more below on the different roof systems available.




Self supporting Kalwall roofs.

  • Self supporting ridge roofs ranging from 20 - 45 degrees.
  • End walls an optional extra either in Kalwall or traditional glazing.
  • 180 degree barrow vault roofs, ranging in overall width from 1829mm - 6096mm - all self supporting.
  • 90 degree barrow vault roofs, ranging in overall width from 1829mm - 7620mm - all self supporting.
  • Express lane delivery available for single panel roofs = 12 week delivery.


Supported Kalwall Roof's.

  • Supported mono pitch (shed roof's) or ridge roof options available.
  • Panels can be positioned vertically or horizontally on roof allowing greater flexibility on aesthetics's and value engineering of project.
  • Minimum pitch to roof of 10 degrees as standard.
  • Speak to us regards your spans - we could make it work when others cannot.
  • Express lane delivery available for standard roof project = 12 week delivery - just ask us whether your project qualifies.
  • Geo-roofs and pyramids as standard.
  • Ask us about about the removable roof options - ideal for industrial plants when plant and machinery is being changed over.

Standard Kalwall roof products.

  • All standard products are factory pre-engineered thus allowing for rapid installation of an energy efficient roof product.
  • Standard 1220mm or 1524mm wide S-Line roof-light's available in a range of lengths from 1220mm to 6096mm.  Minimum required curb pitch of 2 degrees.
  • Standard S-line roof-lights are single panels thus making them fast to install and available as standard on a 12 week delivery to site.
  • fantastic eye catching pyramid rooflight's as standard - available from 1219mm width to a massive 6096mm - all deemed standard.
  • Want something different, look at the low profile Geo-roof's, again all standard and on site within 12 weeks.