What is Kalwall

Kalwall is a highly insulating, diffuse light transmitting building panel system for both walls and roofs.  The primary component is a translucent structural composite sandwich panel formed by permanently bonding specially formulated fibreglass sheets to a grid core constructed of interlocking thermally broken extruded aluminium i-beams.

The experience and knowledge of SD Systems 96 staff ensures that each project is uniquely managed and coordinated to the requirements our clients.  The panels are factory pre-fabricated to the exact size and configuration for each project.  Panels can be flat or curved and opening or fixed glazed window units can be incorporated using the integral Clamp-tite installation system.

Kalwall's unique composition combines to reduce solar gain while at the same time maximising thermal insulation, and Kalwall diffuses light so efficiently that even direct sunlight is converted into even illumination with reduced glare.

The panels are generally 70mm (100mm is also available) and by providing various densities of insulation the thermal resistance and therefore U-value can be varied from 2.74w/m2k to 0.28w/m2k.

Four grid layout options are available as listed below:-

  • Shoji - 300mm x 500mm / 200mm x 500mm / 300mm x 600mm
  • Reverse Shoji - 500mm x 300mm / 500mm x 200mm / 600mm x 300mm
  • Tuckerman - 200mm x 200mm / 300mm x 300mm
  • Vertikal - 150mm to 300mm wide vertical grids.

Kalwall panel modules are most cost effective when 1200mm or 1500mm in width with smaller bespoke turnout panels taking up the difference at either end of openings however all we need at SD Systems 96 is the rough aperture opening size and your preferred grid layout and we shall work out the rest ensuring its the most cost effective method of using Kalwall possible.