It is widely accepted that introducing and managing natural light in buildings reduces the use of artificial lights and in turn reduces carbon usage whilst enhancing performance, mood, behaviour and well being of the builder users and occupants.  Predicting and planning the impact of daylight can often be misunderstood however by using state of the art computer software, Kalwall can offer bespoke interior daylight studies providing information on:-

  • Daylight autonomy - gives average light in space using real sky conditions and shows what percentage of time this space can operate with daylight alone.
  • Radiance - provide a daylight distribution report for a snap shot in time and sky condition.
  • Glare analysis - provides information on any potential glare issues which could arise when using non-diffusing materials instead of Kalwall.

Another fantastic facility of the daylight modelling tool is assisting designers with rooflight spacing ensuring even distribution of light from all rooflight's and providing opinion on size, orientation and specification.  Remember, when using Kalwall, not all panels require to have the same U-value or light transmission thus allowing you the designer to manipulate how daylight is transmitting to the interior spaces.

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To arrange your own daylight model please contact us on 0141 812 0196 to discuss your individual requirements further.  We assure you the studies are quick and easy to commence with often planning drawings sufficient in the first instance.  All we ask is that we can receive the drawings in AutoCad format and run over some standard questions regards other light sources (i.e. Glass) and interior colours which impact reflectance.

Daylight Modelling